restricted access   Volume 38, Number 3, June 2005

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Artists and Scientists in Times of War: A Renewed Call for Papers

p. 177

Artists' Statements

Physically Digital, Digitally Physical

p. 181

Streaming Media Trail

pp. 182-183

Artist's Article

Phenomenology and Artistic Praxis: An Application to Marine Ecological Communication

pp. 185-191

Special Section:
Live Art and Science on the Internet

Live Art and Science on the Internet

p. 192

What Franklin Furnace Learned from Presenting and Producing Live Art on the Internet, from 1996 to Now

pp. 193-200

Rape, Murder and Suicide Are Easier When You Use a Keyboard Shortcut: Mouchette, an On-Line Virtual Character

pp. 202-206

The Raw Data Diet, All-Consuming Bodies and the Shape of Things to Come

pp. 208-212

Media Commedia: The Roman Forum Project

pp. 213-218

Color Plate

Color Plates

pp. 219-222

Special Section:
ArtScience: The Essential Connection

ArtScience: The Essential Connection

p. 223

Roger Sperry: Ambicerebral Man

pp. 224-225

Complex Curvatures in Form Theory and String Theory

pp. 226-231

Technical Note

Polynomiography: From the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra to Art

pp. 233-238

General Articles

Jellyfish on the Ceiling and Deer in the Den: The Biology of Interior Decoration

pp. 239-244

Caution -- Objects Are Closer Than They Appear: Perspectively Inverted Pseudoscopic Images behind Accelerated Space

pp. 245-253

Leonardo Reviews

Musical-Aesthetic Education: Synesthesia and Complex Influence of Arts (review)

pp. 255-256

Things That Talk: Object Lessons from Art and Science (review)

pp. 256-257

Railroad Vision: Photography, Travel, and Vision (review)

p. 257

Kazuo Ohno's World: From Without and Within (review)

pp. 257-258

Desert Islands and Other Texts, 1953-1974 (review)

pp. 258-259

Les defis du cybermonde (review)

p. 259

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Johnson Wax Buildings (review)

pp. 259-260

Design Research: Methods and Perspectives (review)

p. 260

The Soundscape of Modernity: Architectural Acoustics and the Culture of Listening in America, 1900-1933 (review)

pp. 260-261

Activity-Centered Design: An Ecological Approach to Designing Smart Tools and Usable Systems (review)

pp. 261-262

Had Gadya: The Only Kid. Facsimile of El Lissitzky's Edition of 1919 (review)

p. 262

America as Second Creation: Technology and Narratives as New Beginnings (review)

pp. 262-263

Amartya Sen: A Life Reexamined (review)

pp. 263-264

Festival Il Cinema Ritrovato 2004 (review)

pp. 264-265

Leonardo Reviews On-Line

Leonardo Reviews On-Line

pp. 265-267

Materials Received

Materials Received

pp. 267-268

Leonardo Network News

Leonardo Network News

pp. 269-270