restricted access   Volume 77, Number 2, April 2005

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From: Human Biology

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Human Evolution in Polynesia

pp. 157-177

Indonesian Mitochondrial DNA and Its Opposition to a Pleistocene Era Origin of Proto-Polynesians in Island Southeast Asia

pp. 179-188

Peopling of the Azore Islands (Portugal): Data from the Y Chromosome

pp. 189-199

Social Structure and Consanguinity in a French Mountain Population (1550-1849)

pp. 201-212

African Female Heritage in Iberia: A Reassessment of mtDNA Lineage Distribution in Present Times

pp. 213-229

Bivariate Linkage Analysis of the Insulin Resistance Syndrome Phenotypes on Chromosome 7q

pp. 231-246

Association Between the APOE*4 Allele and Atherosclerosis Is Age Dependent Among Argentine Males

pp. 247-256

Dermatoglyphic Fingerprint Heterogeneity Among Individuals with Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip With or Without Cleft Palate and Their Unaffected Relatives in China and the Philippines

pp. 257-266

Characterization of the D18S535 STR Locus in Northern Ontario European and Aboriginal Populations for Forensic Purposes

pp. 267-279

Brief Communication

Brief Communication: DAT1 VNTR Allele Frequencies in the Omani Population

pp. 281-286