restricted access   Volume 6, Number 2, Spring 2005 (New Series)

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From: Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History

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A Letter from Marc Raeff

pp. 255-258


Liberation through Captivity: Nikolai Shipov's Adventures in the Imperial Borderlands

pp. 259-279


Bondage and Emancipation across Cultural Borderlands: Some Reflections and Extensions

pp. 281-284


The Nature of Anti-Soviet Armed Resistance, 1942-44: The North Caucasus, the Kalmyk Autonomous Republic, and Crimea

pp. 285-318

Review Forum: The Politics of "Russia Abroad"

Recent Perspectives on the History of the Russian Emigration (1920-1940)

pp. 319-334

Extremists and Swindlers

pp. 335-344

Review Article

Conversing with Ghosts: Jedwabne, Zydokomuna, and Totalitarianism

pp. 345-374

Review Essay

Post-Soviet Peter: New Histories of the Late Muscovite and Early Imperial Russian Court

pp. 375-392


Orthodox Russia: Belief and Practice under the Tsars, and: Polemika v russkoi tserkvi pervoi treti XVI stoletiia (review)

pp. 393-408

"Aristokraticheskaia" oppozitsiia Velikim reformam (konets 1850--seredina 1870-kh gg.) (review)

pp. 409-416

The High Stakes of Identity: Gambling in the Life and Literature of Nineteenth-Century Russia, and: "Ehre" in der russischen Literatur: Analyse des Begriffs in ausgewahlten Werken von Aleksandr S. Puskin, and: Zhizn usadebnogo mifa: Utrachennyi i obretennyi rai (review)

pp. 417-423

Die Deutschen in der Moskauer Gesellschaft: Symbiose und Konflikte (1494-1941) (review)

pp. 425-430

Revolution, Reform und Krieg: die Deutschen an der Wolga im ausgehenden Zarenreich (review)

pp. 431-437

Shkola v rossiiskom obshchestve 1917-1927: Stanovlenie "novogo cheloveka" (review)

pp. 439-446

In Memoriam

Martin Malia (1924-2004)

pp. 447-452


Contributors to This Issue

pp. 453-454