restricted access   Volume 77, Number 1, February 2005

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From: Human Biology

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Heritability of Hemostasis Phenotypes and Their Correlation with Type 2 Diabetes Status in Mexican Americans

pp. 1-15

Joint Linkage and Association Analysis of the Hepatic Lipase Promoter Polymorphism and Lipoprotein Size Phenotypes

pp. 17-25

Association of a - 1997G → T Polymorphism of the Collagen Iα1 Gene with Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Japanese Women

pp. 27-36

Surnames in the Azores: Analysis of the Isonymy Structure

pp. 37-44

Genetic Characterization of the Historical Albanian Ethnic Minority of Calabria (Southern Italy)

pp. 45-60

Female Gene Pools of Berber and Arab Neighboring Communities in Central Tunisia: Microstructure of mtDNA Variation in North Africa

pp. 61-70

Genetic Variation of the Y Chromosome in Chibcha-Speaking Amerindians of Costa Rica and Panama

pp. 71-91

Balinese Y-Chromosome Perspective on the Peopling of Indonesia: Genetic Contributions from Pre-Neolithic Hunter-Gatherers, Austronesian Farmers, and Indian Traders

pp. 93-114

Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms of Type I Collagen Locus 2 (COL1A2) in Two Communities of African Ancestry and Other Mixed Populations of Northwestern Ecuador

pp. 115-123

Molecular Analysis of 23 Exons of the CFTR Gene in Brazilian Patients Leads to the Finding of Rare Cystic Fibrosis Mutations

pp. 125-135

Haplotype Study of Intermediate-Length Alleles at the Fragile X (FMR1) Gene: ATL1, FMRB, and Microsatellite Haplotypes Differ from Those Found in Common-Size FMR1 Alleles

pp. 137-151