restricted access   Volume 76, Number 6, December 2004

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From: Human Biology

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The Human Genome Project and Advances in Anthropological Genetics

pp. 801-804


History of Human Biology (1929-2004)

pp. 805-815

European ACP1*C Allele Has Recessive Deleterious Effects on Early Life Viability

pp. 817-835

Seasonal Variation of Genotype-Specific Fertility and Adaptation to Endemic Diseases: A Study in Past Malarial Areas of Italy

pp. 837-848

Fine Mapping and SNP Analysis of Positional Candidates at the Preeclampsia Susceptibility Locus (PREG1) on Chromosome 2

pp. 849-862

Gene by Smoking Interaction: Evidence for Effects on Low-Density Lipoprotein Size and Plasma Triglyceride and High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels

pp. 863-876

Differentiation of Mitochondrial DNA and Y Chromosomes in Russian Populations

pp. 877-900

Sicilian Provinces: Population Subdivisions Revealed by Surname Frequencies

pp. 901-920

LOC 390443 (RNase 9) on Chromosome 14q11.2 Is Related to the RNase A Superfamily and Contains a Unique Amino-Terminal Preproteinlike Sequence

pp. 921-935

Brief Communications

Glutathione S-Transferase M1 (GSTM1) and T1 (GSTT1) Polymorphisms in a Brazilian Mixed Population

pp. 937-942

Allele Frequencies of D21S11, FGA, TH01, and VWA in Populations of the Balkans

pp. 943-946

Book Review

On Fertile Ground: A Natural History of Human Reproduction (review)

pp. 947-951


Index to Volume 76

pp. 953-963