restricted access   Volume 12, Issue 1, Winter 2005

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From: Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

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Globalizing What: Education as a Human Right or as a Traded Service?

pp. 1-78

To What Ends: Educational Reform Around the World

pp. 79-95

The Globalization of Multicultural Education

pp. 97-108

Confronting the Privatization and Commercialization of Academic Research: An Analysis of Social Implications at the Local, National, and Global Levels

pp. 109-152

Science, Globalization, and Educational Governance: The Political Rationalities of the New Managerialism

pp. 153-182

The Language of Higher Education Assessment: Legislative Concerns in a Global Context

pp. 183-204

Rallying the Armies or Bridging the Gulf: Questioning the Significance of Faith-Based Educational Initiatives in a Global Age

pp. 205-226

"Glocalizing" Chinese Higher Education: Groping for Stones to Cross the River, Mo zhe shi tou guo he

pp. 227-250

Programs for Democratic Citizenship in Mexico's Ministry of Education: Local Appropriations of Global Cultural Flows

pp. 251-284

French and U.S. Modes of Educational Regulation Facing Modernity

pp. 285-312

Amy Steketee presented her paper For-Profit Education Service Providers in Primary and Secondary Schooling: the Drive for and Consequences of Global Expansion. It was published in volume 11, issue 2.


The Institute for Advanced Study Branigin Lecture

Terrorism: The International Response of the Courts

pp. 313-344

The George P. Smith Lecture in International Law

In Fear of International Law

pp. 345-378