restricted access   Volume 91, Number 3-4, September and December 2003

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From: American Jewish History

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Special Issue: The 350th Anniversary of the Jewish People in America


pp. v-vii


pp. 341-342

Part One: Reflections Upon American Jewish History

Jewish Settlement in the New World and Its Antecedents

pp. 345-352

The Normalization of American Jewish History

pp. 353-359

The Religion, Judaism, in America: What Has Happened in Three Hundred Fifty Years?

pp. 361-369

Reflecting on American Jewish History

pp. 371-378

American Jews and the European Gaze

pp. 379-386

Part Two: Recent American Jewish History, 1954-2004

On Their Own Terms: America's Jewish Women, 1954-2004

pp. 389-404

From Institutional Decay to Primary Day: American Orthodox Jewry Since World War II

pp. 405-421

The Changing Jewish Political Profile

pp. 423-438

Post-World-War-II American Jewry and the Confrontation With Catastrophe

pp. 439-467

Part Three: New Documents for the Study of American Jewish History

Dutch Notarial Records Pertaining to Asser Levy, 1659-1692

pp. 471-483

Letters from Jamaica, 1719-1725

pp. 485-491

The Diary of Joseph Lyons, 1833-1835 Introduction

pp. 493-525

The Diary

pp. 526-606

"The Day Is Short and the Task Is Great": Reports from Jewish Military Chaplains in Europe, 1945-1947

pp. 607-625

The 2003 Joint Resolution of Congress to Commemorate the 350th Anniversary of the American Jewish Community

pp. 627-634