restricted access   Volume 37, Number 2, March 2005

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From: Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking

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Credit Scoring and the Availability, Price, and Risk of Small Business Credit

pp. 191-222

Courts and Banks: Effects of Judicial Enforcement on Credit Markets

pp. 223-244

Assessing the Lucas Critique in Monetary Policy Models

pp. 245-272

Real Implications of the Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Rates

pp. 273-296

Does Labor's Share Drive Inflation?

pp. 297-312

Microfoundations of Macroeconomic Price Adjustment: Survey Evidence from Swedish Firms

pp. 313-338

Deregulation, Intensity of Competition, Industry Evolution, and the Productivity Growth of U.S. Commercial Banks

pp. 339-360

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

State of the Art Unit Root Tests and Purchasing Power Parity

pp. 361-369

Openness, Central Bank Independence, and the Sacrifice Ratio

pp. 371-379