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The Cover

pp. 85-87

Libraries & Culture
Volume 40, Number 1, Winter 2005



"To make the people of South Africa proud of their membership of the great British Empire": Home Reading Unions in South Africa, 1900-1914

pp. 1-24

Daniel Alexander Payne Murray (1852-1925), Forgotten Librarian, Bibliographer, and Historian

pp. 25-37

"She speaks as one having authority": Mary E. Downey's Use of Libraries as a Means to Public Power

pp. 38-62

Notes & Essays

Contextual Culture of the Master's Degree and the Decline of the M.L.S. Thesis: An Exploratory Review Essay

pp. 63-84


pp. 88-89

Book Reviews

The Bible as Book: The Hebrew Bible and the Judaean Desert Discoveries (review)

pp. 90-91

Death and Drama in Renaissance England: Shades of Memory (review)

pp. 91-92

Elizabeth I, Then and Now (review)

pp. 92-93

Gender, Society, and Print Culture in Late-Stuart England: The Cultural World of the Athenian Mercury (review)

pp. 93-94

Sonnets (review)

pp. 95-96

English Travel Narratives in the Eighteenth Century: Exploring Genres (review)

pp. 96-97

Dictionnaire des femmes libraires en France (1470-1870) (review)

pp. 97-98

The Spoken Word: Writers. Historic Recordings of Writers Born in the 19th Century (review)

pp. 98-100

An Elegant Hand: The Golden Age of American Penmanship and Calligraphy (review)

pp. 100-101

Edward Ardizzone: A Bibliographic Commentary (review)

pp. 101-102

Low Profile: A Life in the World of Books (review)

pp. 102-103

Oasis of Culture: A History of Public and Academic Libraries in Nevada (review)

pp. 103-104

Joseph Heller: A Descriptive Bibliography (review)

pp. 104-105

Marketing Modernism Between the Two World Wars (review)

pp. 106-107

Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences (review)

pp. 107-109

The World History Highway: A Guide to Internet Resources (review)

pp. 109-110