restricted access   Volume 7, Number 4, Winter 2004

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From: Rhetoric & Public Affairs

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Special Issue: Religious and Theological Traditions as Sources of Rhetorical Invention


pp. 445-448

Justice and Argument in Judaism: A D'var Torah on Shofetim

pp. 449-460

A Calvinist and a Scholar

pp. 461-468

On the Way to Canterbury: A Rhetorician's Tale

pp. 469-486

"Come Let Us Reason Together": The Heritage of the Churches of Christ as a Source for Rhetorical Invention

pp. 487-498

Rhetoric and the Catholic Imagination

pp. 499-511

One Friend's Journey

pp. 513-523

Apologia Pro Curriculum Vitae

pp. 525-538

In the World But Not of It: Mennonite Traditions as Resources for Rhetorical Invention

pp. 539-554

Filled with the Spirit: Rhetorical Invention and the Pentecostal Tradition

pp. 555-572

For the Least Among Us: Articles of Faith of a United Methodist Rhetorician

pp. 573-585

Being Baptist

pp. 587-601

Rhetorical Invention and Lutheran Doctrine?

pp. 603-614