restricted access   Volume 22, Number 2, Winter 1998/1999

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From: Journal of Modern Literature

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Special Issue: Joyce and the Joyceans

The Joyce Industrial Evolution According to one European Amateur

pp. 191-197

The Winds of Aeolus: In the Heart of the Joyce Metropolis

pp. 199-203

Citizen Joyce, or My Quest for Rosebud

pp. 205-214

Joyce and Blackmail

pp. 215-223

Perplex in the Pen--and in the Pixels: Reflections on The James Joyce Archive, Hans Walter Gabler's Ulysses, and "James Joyce's Ulysses in Hypermedia"

pp. 225-244

Joyce and Jolas: Late Modernism and Early

pp. 245-252

Learning to Be James Joyce's Contemporary? Richard Ellmann's Discovery and Transformation of Joyce's Letters and Manuscripts

pp. 253-263

Framing Rudy and Photography

pp. 265-290

Finnegans Wake and Irish Historical Memory

pp. 293-327

Education and Social Class in Joyce's Dublin

pp. 329-336

Ireland, Europe, The World, The Universe: Political Geography in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

pp. 337-348

Tracking the Oxen

pp. 349-357

Reading on the Edge of Chaos: Finnegans Wake and the Burden of Linearity

pp. 359-371

Jove's Word: Finnegans Wake, 80.20-81.13

pp. 373-384

Beyond Dublin: Joyce and Modernism

pp. 385-394

For the Record

D'Annunzian Reverberations in a Rejection Slip: Joyce and "Daniele Defoe"

pp. 395-399

Saintsbury's Anglo-Saxon in Joyce's "Oxen of the Sun"

pp. 401-404


pp. 405-406