restricted access   Volume 15, Number 1, March 2005

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From: Theatre Topics

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Special Issue: Devising


pp. 6-7


Devising Community

pp. 1-13

Why Devise? Why Now? "Houston, we have a problem."

pp. 15-21

Rumination: Why Devise? Why Now?

pp. 23-24

Creating Culture/Space

The Archeology of Performance

pp. 25-35

Why Devise? Why Now? In Search of Eco-theatre

pp. 37-38

Why Devise, Why Now? Why New Zealand?

pp. 39-40

Creativity and the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre

pp. 41-47

Rumination: Why Devise? Why Now? Riffing on the Syllabus

pp. 49-50


Moises Kaufman: The Copulation of Form and Content

pp. 51-67

Why Devise? Why Now? Creating the Impossible

pp. 69-72

Devising Utopia, or Asking for the Moon

pp. 73-86

Why Devise? Why Now? Twelve Thoughts on Devising with Undergraduates. ..

pp. 87-90

Potholes in the Road to Devising

pp. 91-102

Navigating Turbulence: The Dramaturg in Physical Theatre

pp. 103-119

Book Reviews--A Devising Library

pp. 121-125

In Closing

Why Devise? Why Now? Why Breathe?

pp. 127-128

Rumination: Why Devise? Why Now? In Memory of Bob Flanagan

pp. 129-130