restricted access   Volume 8, Issue 1, 2005

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From: Theory & Event

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In Memorium Jacques Derrida: The Power of Reason


Jacques Derrida

Derrida's Impossible Genealogies

Democratic Hyperbole

A Last Call for 'Europe'


Stanley Cavell and the Claim to Community

Aiming the Canon: National Emergency and the Errant Courses of the Literary

Inheriting Democracy to Come

The Place of The Polis: Political Blindness in Judith Butler's Antigone's Claim

The Political Theory of Constitutive Lack: A Critique

Of Power in Paradise: An Answer to Kagan


The Imperial Character of the Contemporary World Order

When Two Become One: The Prism through Which Nietzsche Appears as Lacan

Yearning for an Impossible Elsewhere

Agamben, Derrida, and the Genres of Political Theory