restricted access   Volume 30, Number 4, Winter 1999

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From: Research in African Literatures

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Special Issue: Drama and Performance

Guest Editor: John Conteh-Morgan and Tejumola Olaniyan

Introduction: Drama and Performance

pp. 1-5

Notes on Contributors

pp. 233-234

Index to Volume 30

pp. 235-238

Guidelines for Submissions

pp. 239-240


From Ghetto to Garrison: A Chronic Case of Orisunitis

pp. 6-23

Theater and Anthropology, Theatricality and Culture

pp. 24-31

Soyinka, Euripides, and the Anxiety of Empire

pp. 32-55

Revolution and Recidivism: The Problem of Kenyan History in the Plays of Ngugi wa Thiongio

pp. 56-73

Femi Osofisan: The Form of Uncommon Sense

pp. 74-91

Yoruba Gods on the American Stage: August Wilson's Joe Turner's Come and Gone

pp. 92-105

Theater for Development and TV Nation: Notes on an Educational Soap Opera in South Africa

pp. 106-126

Bin Kadi-So and Dramatic Innovation

pp. 127-134

Gestural Interpretation of the Occult in the Bin Kadi-So Adaptation of Macbeth

pp. 135-143

The Turner-Schechner Model of Performance as Social Drama: A Re-Examination in the Light of Anlo-Ewe Halo

pp. 144-155

Modernity's Trickster: "Dipping" and "Throwing" in Congolese Popular Dance Music

pp. 156-175

Theatricality and Social Mimodrama

pp. 176-185

Dimensions of Theatricality in Africa

pp. 186-201

Book Reviews

Post-Colonial Drama: Theory, Practice, Politics (review)

pp. 202-205

An Introduction to Post-Colonial Theatre (review)

pp. 205-207

Imperialism and Theatre: Essays on World Drama and Performance, and: The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre, vol. 3 (Africa) (review)

pp. 208-212

Theatre and Society in South Africa: Reflections in a Fractured Mirror, and: Decolonizing the Stage: Theatrical Syncretism and Post-Colonial Drama (review)

pp. 212-215

West African Popular Theatre (review)

pp. 215-218

African Theatre and Politics: The Evolution of Theatre in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe--A Comparative Study (review)

pp. 218-219

Theatre Matters: Performance and Culture on the World Stage (review)

pp. 219-220

New Theatre in Francophone and Anglophone Africa, and: Politics and Performance: Theatre, Poetry and Song in Southern Africa (review)

pp. 220-221

Nigerian Theatre in English: A Critical Bibliography (review)

pp. 222-223

Ancient Songs Set Ablaze: The Theatre of Femi Osofisan (review)

pp. 223-226

Ebrahim Hussein: Theatre swahili et nationalisme tanzanien (review)

pp. 226-227

Art, Society, and Performance: Igede Praise Poetry (review)

pp. 227-228

Le panegyrique mbiimbi: Etude d'un genre litteraire oral yaka (review)

pp. 228-230

African Music: A Pan-African Annotated Bibliography (review)

pp. 230-231


p. 232