restricted access   Volume 149, Number 5, Winter 2004/2005

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From: American Annals of the Deaf

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Appreciating Diversity Through Stories About the Lives of Deaf People of Color

pp. 375-383

What Do We Know About Deaf Clients After Thirteen Years of Ambulatory Mental Health Care? An Analysis of the PsyDoN Database, 1987-1999

pp. 384-393

Effectiveness of Multimedia Reading Materials When Used With Children Who Are Deaf

pp. 394-403

Deaf and Hearing Individuals' Beliefs About the Capabilities of Deaf People

pp. 404-414

Marital Status and Birthrate of Deaf People in Two Swedish Counties: The Impact of Social Environment in Terms of Deaf Community

pp. 415-427

Visual Performance of Adults with Prelingual Auditory Impairment

pp. 421-427

Early Elementary Curricular Alignment and Teacher Perspectives on Standards-Based Reform

pp. 428-435


Editorial: The Search for Magic Solutions

pp. 373-374

Volume 149 Annual Index

pp. 436-439