restricted access   Volume 5, Issue 1, Winter 2005

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From: Pedagogy

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Editors' Introduction: An Open Letter to Our Readers

pp. 1-3


Reclaiming Claims: What English Students Want from English Profs

pp. 5-18


Moments of Productive Bafflement, or Defamiliarizing Graduate Studies in English

pp. 19-35

Arguing Differently

pp. 37-60

Cyborgography: A Pedagogy of the Home Page

pp. 61-75

Dealing with Online Selves: Ethos Issues in Computer-Assisted Teaching and Learning

pp. 77-95

From the Classroom

History on the Cheap: Using the Online Archive to Make Historicists out of Undergrads

pp. 97-101

Tutor Taxonomy

pp. 102-104

The Teacher as Hostess: Celebrating the Ordinary in Creative Nonfiction Workshops

pp. 105-107

Instant Assessment: Using One-Minute Papers in Lower-Level Classes

pp. 108-111

Connecting Reading and Writing in the Literature Classroom

pp. 111-114



Richard Lanham's The Electronic Word and AT/THROUGH Oscillations

pp. 117-129


Queering Our Classrooms

pp. 131-139

Identity, Politics, and Socratic Dialogues

pp. 140-144


Entering the Contact Zone(s)

pp. 145-151

St. Ovid: The Patron Poet of the Contact Zone

pp. 151-156

Changing the Contexts for Documenting Our Teaching

pp. 157-161



pp. 163-165