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From: American Literature

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Anniversaries and "Whispering Ambitions": American Literature at 75

pp. 639-652

On to the Centennial

pp. 653-663

"No! In Thunder"

pp. 665-675

Turning from the National to the Multilingual

pp. 677-685

Federalist Criticism and the Fate of Genius

pp. 687-717

Banking on Emotion: Financial Panic and the Logic of Male Submission in the Jacksonian Gothic

pp. 719-747

"The Public Heart": Urban Life and the Politics of Sympathy in Lydia Maria Child's Letters from New York

pp. 749-775

The Cultural Logic of Euthanasia: "Sad Fancyings" in Herman Melville's "Bartleby"

pp. 777-806

"Prismatic and Profitable": Commerce and the Corporate Person in James's "The Jolly Corner"

pp. 807-831

"A Plea for Color": Nella Larsen's Iconography of the Mulatta

pp. 833-869

Review Essay

Comparative Literary Studies of the Americas

pp. 871-886

Book Reviews

Harriet Tubman: The Life and the Life Stories, and: Without Regard to Race: The Other Martin Robison Delany (review)

pp. 887-889

Rehabilitating Bodies: Health, History, and the American Civil War, and: Mark Twain and Medicine: "Any Mummery Will Cure" (review)

pp. 889-891

Imagining Rhetoric: Composing Women of the Early United States, and: Poets in the Public Sphere: The Emancipatory Project of American Women's Poetry, 1800-1900 (review)

pp. 891-894

An American Colony: Regionalism and the Roots of Midwestern Culture, and: Writing out of Place: Regionalism, Women, and American Literary Culture, and: Translating Southwestern Landscapes: The Making of an Anglo Literary Region (review)

pp. 894-897

Readings at the Edge of Literature, and: The Writing of America: Literature and Cultural Identity from the Puritans to the Present (review)

pp. 897-899

Visions of the Land: Science, Literature, and the American Environment from the Age of Exploration to the Age of Ecology, and: This Compost: Ecological Imperatives in American Poetry (review)

pp. 899-901

America's Culture of Terrorism: Violence, Capitalism, and the Written Word, and: Crimes of Art and Terror (review)

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