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pp. v-vi

The Caribbean in History

pp. vi-vii


pp. viii-16

Art, Genius, and Racial Theory in the Early Nineteenth Century: Benjamin Robert Haydon

pp. 17-40

The White Man under Siege: New Histories of Race in the Nineteenth Century and the Advent of White Australia

pp. 41-62

Early British Psychoanalysis and the Medico-Psychological Clinic

pp. 63-85

'The Tale of Sammy Spree': Gender and the Secret Dynamics of 1940s British Corporatism

pp. 86-109

'We are All One in the Eyes of the Lord': Christopher Hill and the Historical Meanings of Radical Religion

pp. 110-127

The Sociologist and the Republic: Pierre Bourdieu and the Virtues of Social History

pp. 128-148

Caribbean Feature

The Provincial Archive as a Place of Memory: the Role of Former Slaves in the Cuban War of Independence (1895-98)

pp. 149-166

Elsa Goveia: History and Nation

pp. 167-190

Modernity that Predated the Modern: Sidney Mintz's Caribbean

pp. 191-210

Frantz Fanon, or the Difficulty of Being Martinican

pp. 211-223

Caribbean Museums and National Identity

pp. 224-245

Archives and Sources

The Conversion of Rebecca Jarrett

pp. 246-253

The Conversion of Rebecca Jarrett

pp. 254-258

Black West Indian Seamen in the British Merchant Marine in the Mid nineteenth Century

pp. 259-274

History on the Line

Beyond the Archive of Silence: Narratives of Violence of the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh

pp. 274-286


Just Good Friends? Same-Sex Intimacy in early modern Britain and Europe

pp. 289-296

'Returning to Yerussalem': Exile, Return and Oral History

pp. 296-306

Public Experiments

pp. 306-312

Aryanism and Empire

pp. 312-316

Pulpit Politics

pp. 316-320

Oscar Wilde and Posterity

pp. 320-325

Women, War and Citizenship

pp. 326-334

Kashmir's Conflicting Identities

pp. 335-340

Egos and Ideals in the Spanish Civil War

pp. 340-348

Keeping the Faith

pp. 348-352

Report Back

Kith and Kin: Personal Relationships and Cultural Practices, 1830-1980, 20 February 2004, New Brunswick, NJ

pp. 353-355

Vernacular Modernism: 'Film: The First Global Vernacular?' University of London

pp. 355-358

Can the Subaltern Speak? New York, February 2004

p. 359