free access   Volume 1, 2004

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From: Tolkien Studies

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free access   Editors' Introduction

p. v

free access   Conventions and Abbreviations

pp. vii-viii

free access   Light-elves, Dark-elves, and Others: Tolkien's Elvish Problem

pp. 1-15

free access   Tom Shippey on J.R.R. Tolkien: A Checklist

pp. 17-20

free access   The Adapted Text: The Lost Poetry of Beleriand

pp. 21-41

free access   "Do the Atlantis story and abandon Eriol-Saga"

pp. 43-68

free access   Identifying England's Lonnrot

pp. 69-84

free access   Sir Orfeo: A Middle English Version By J.R.R. Tolkien

pp. 85-123

free access   Frodo's Batman

pp. 125-136

free access   Tolkien's Prose Style and its Literary and Rhetorical Effects

pp. 137-163

free access   When Philology Becomes Ideology: The Russian Perspective of J.R.R. Tolkien

pp. 163-170

Notes and Documents

free access   A Note on Beren and Luthien's Disguise as Werewolf And Vampire-Bat

pp. 171-175

free access   Possible Echoes of Blackwood and Dunsany in Tolkien's Fantasy

pp. 177-181


free access   Bibliography (in English) for 2001-2002

pp. 183-189


free access   Acknowledgments

p. vi