restricted access   Volume 48, Number 4 (T 184), Winter 2004

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From: TDR: The Drama Review

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Special Issue: Metal Performance


pp. 5-10

In Memory

Spalding Gray: 1941-2004

pp. 11-12

Letters, Etc.

Letters, Etc.

p. 13

Metal Performance: Humanizing Robots, Returning to Nature, and Camping About

pp. 15-46

A Brief History of Robots and Automata

pp. 16-25

The Jeremiah Project: Interaction, Reaction, and Performance

pp. 47-57

excerpt from Blue Bloodshot Flowers: a performance text

p. 49

Critical Acts

Ten Gems on a Thread II

pp. 58-71

Upside-Down Midas: Habib Tanvir at 80

pp. 71-80

Role-Play Training at "Violent Disneyland": The FBI Academy's Performance Paradigms

pp. 81-108

Staging Disaster: Reporting Live (sort of) from Seattle

pp. 109-134

Staging the Greensboro Sit-Ins

pp. 135-154

Sacrifice to the Mountain: A Ritual Performace of the Qiang Minority People in China

pp. 155-166

Anglo-Indian Identity, Knowledge, and Power: Western Ballroom Music in Lucknow

pp. 167-182

Survey of 78 RPM Collections in Lucknow

p. 169

Can the Indian Tune Go Global?

pp. 183-191


How Theatre Educates: Convergences and Counterpoints with Artists, Scholars, and Advocates, and: Languages of Theatre Shaped by Women, and: Staging Desire: Queer Readings of American Theater History (review)

pp. 192-195

Shakespeare and the Force of Modern Performance (review)

pp. 195-197

Taking It to the Streets: Social Protest Theater of Luis Valdez and Amiri Baraka (review)

pp. 197-200

The Consul: Conversations with Gerard Berreby with the Help of Giulio Minghini and Chantal Osterreicher (review)

pp. 200-202


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