restricted access   Volume 13, Number 1, 2004

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From: The Good Society

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Civic Participation in Professional Domains: An Introduction to the Symposium

pp. 1-5

Democratic Professionalism: Sharing Authority in Civic Life

pp. 6-14

Can Professionalism Still Be a Viable Ethic?

pp. 15-20

Professional Expertise in a Deliberative Democracy

pp. 21-27

Restorative Justice and De-Professionalization

pp. 28-31

Battered Women's Movement Ideals and Judge-Led Social Change in Domestic Violence Courts

pp. 32-37

Genetic Literacy and Citizenship: Possibilities for Deliberative Democratic Policymaking in Science and Medicine

pp. 38-44

Books in Review: Denocratic Distributive Justice by Ross Zucker

Distributive Justice: An Economist's Perspective

pp. 45-48

New Deal, New Development: A Public Works Philosophy

pp. 49-61

Individualism, Community, and Distributive Justice

pp. 62-66

On the Future of the Justice Debates

pp. 67-82