restricted access   Volume 28, Number 2, October 2004

Table of Contents

From: Philosophy and Literature

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Against Intertextuality

pp. 227-242

Mourning and Melancholia: Reading the Symposium

pp. 243-258

On Literal Translation: Robert Browning and the Agamemnon

pp. 259-268

Hobbes's Explicated Fables and the Legacy of the Ancients

pp. 269-283

Human Nature and Modernist Ethics

pp. 284-299

Virginia Woolf, Time, and the Real

pp. 300-308

Experimenting with Islam: Nietzschean Reflections on Bowles's Araplaina

pp. 309-323

Charles Lamb: Professor of Indifference

pp. 324-341

Kierkegaard's Aesthete and Unamuno's Niebla

pp. 342-352

Symposium: Dostoevsky Recontextualized

Dostoevsky and Schiller: National Renewal Through Aesthetic Education

pp. 353-366

Kant on Free Will and Arbitrariness: A View from Dostoevsky's Underground

pp. 367-378

Wittgenstein Underground

pp. 379-392

Notes and Fragments

Decency and its Discontents

pp. 393-405

Self-Knowledge and the Limitations of Narrative

pp. 406-416

Tolstoy and the Moral Instructions of Death

pp. 417-429

Critical Discussion

On Žižek and Trilling

pp. 430-440


Michel de Montaigne: Accidental Philosopher (review)

pp. 441-443

A Nietzschean Bestiary: Becoming Animal Beyond Docile and Brutal (review)

pp. 443-447

American Memory in Henry James: Void and Value (review)

pp. 447-449

Laughing at Nothing: Humor as a Response to Nihilism (review)

pp. 449-452


The Pleasures of Fiction

pp. 453-466