restricted access   Volume 38, Number 4, Winter 2004

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From: The Journal of Aesthetic Education

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"New" Media, Art, and Intercultural Communication

pp. 1-9

The Role of Glass in Interior Architecture: Aesthetics, Community, and Privacy

pp. 10-21

Theoretical Remarks on Combined Creative and Scholarly PhD Degrees in the Visual Arts

pp. 22-31

Ernst H. Gombrich, Pictorial Representation, and Some Issues in Art Education

pp. 32-45

Figuring Myself Out: Certainty, Injury, and the Poststructuralist Repositioning of Bodies of Identity

pp. 46-58

Embedding Creativity in Teaching and Learning

pp. 59-70

Symposium: Elliot Eisner's The Arts and the Creation of Mind

The Arts and the Creation of Mind: Eisner's Contributions to the Arts in Education

pp. 71-80

Somatic Knowledge and Qualitative Reasoning: From Theory to Practice

pp. 80-96

Response to Arthur Efland's and Richard Siegesmund's Reviews of The Arts and the Creation of Mind

pp. 96-98

Reflections on Richard Shusterman's Dewey

pp. 99-108


Complexities of Aesthetic Experience: Response to Johnston

pp. 109-112

Essay Review

Wonders, Witches, Wolves, and Wisdom

pp. 113-120


Index to Volume 38

pp. 121-123