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From: The Opera Quarterly

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Special Issue: Singers, Part 1

Da capo. . .

pp. 525-537

About This Issue

pp. 538-539

Luisa Tetrazzini: Coloratura Secrets

pp. 540-569

Reverenza! Fedora Barbieri, 1920-2003

pp. 570-586

The Performance Practice of Maria Callas: Interpretation and Instinct

pp. 587-602

Sutherland before Lucia: The 1948-1958 Recordings

pp. 603-623

What Becomes a Legend Most? A Tribute to Beverly Sills

pp. 624-656

Contributing and Consulting Editors, Reviewers, and Readers of the Opera Quarterly

Dining with Divas (And Other Personal Encounters with Operatic Greats)

p. 657

Lucine Amara

pp. 658-659

Maria Callas, Franco Corelli, Birgit Nilsson (and others)

pp. 659-661

Ellen Faull

pp. 661-662

Zinka Milanov, Licia Albanese, Bidu Sayao, Stella Roman, Dorothy Kirsten, Eleanor Steber, Rose Bampton, Jarmila Novotna, Teresa Stich-Randall, Teresa Zylis-Gara, Lucine Amara, Cristina Deutekom, Christine Weidinger, Donald Gramm, Richard Crist, Tatiana Troyanos, and Teresa Stratas

pp. 662-687

Beverly Sills

pp. 687-689

Robert Merrill, Luciano Pavarotti, Jan Peerce, Eleanor Steber, and Richard Tucker

pp. 689-693

Regina Resnik

pp. 693-694

Licia Albanese and Luciano Pavarotti

pp. 695-698

Joan Sutherland

pp. 698-700

Felicity Lott

pp. 700-703

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

pp. 703-704

Rose Bampton

pp. 704-707

Jarmila Novotna, Adele Leigh, and Sena Jurinac

pp. 707-710

Eleanor Steber

pp. 710-712

Hans Hotter

pp. 712-713

Quarterly Quiz: Tenors

pp. 715-720


Mario Lanza: An American Tragedy (review)

pp. 721-725

Marilyn Horne: The Song Continues (review)

pp. 725-728

Chaos and Dancing Star: Wagner's Politics, Wagner's Legacy (review)

pp. 728-730

Athena Sings: Wagner and the Greeks (review)

pp. 730-734

A Short History of Opera (review)

pp. 734-740

Books Received

Books Received

p. 741


La sonnambula (review)

pp. 742-744

War and Peace (review)

pp. 745-749


Aase Nordmo Lovberg [sound recording]

pp. 750-752

L'amante di tutte (review)

pp. 752-754

Margherita d'Anjou (review)

pp. 755-756

Edgar (review)

pp. 756-759

Recordings Received

Recordings Received

pp. 759-760

Special Correspondence Section : fine: Special Correspondence Section: Tributes to Tom Glasow

pp. 761-764


Contributors to This Issue

p. 765

Answers to Quarterly Quiz

Answers to Quarterly Quiz

pp. 768-769


Index to Volume 20

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