restricted access   48 (3/4), Sept.-Dec./sep.-déc. 2003

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From: The Canadian Journal of Linguistics / La revue canadienne de linguistique

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Special Issue: Segmental-Prosodic Interaction in Phonological Development: A comparative Investigation

Guest Editor: Heather Goad and Yvan Rose


pp. 139-148

Learning to Parse Second Language Consonant Clusters

pp. 149-177

Asymmetries in the Acquisition of Consonant Clusters in Spanish

pp. 179-210

Truncation to Subminimal Words in Early French

pp. 211-241

Missing Inflection in L2 Acquisition: Defective Syntax or L1-Constrained Prosodic Representations?

pp. 243-263

Variable and Stable Clusters: Variation in the Realisation of Consonant Clusters

pp. 265-288

A Phonological Analysis of Schwa in German First Language Acquisition

pp. 289-327

Markedness and Context Effects in the Acquisition of Place Features

pp. 329-355

The Development of Lexical Pitch Accent Systems: An Autosegmental Analysis

pp. 357-383

Direction of Assimilation in Child Consonant Harmony

pp. 385-408

Place Specification and Segmental Distribution in the Acquisition of Word-Final Consonant Syllabification

pp. 409-435


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pp. 447-452