restricted access   Volume 61, Number 3, Fall 2004

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From: American Imago

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Special Issue: The Growth of the Unconscious, 1750-1900

Guest Editor: Nicholas Rand

The Hidden Soul: The Growth of the Unconscious, 1750-1900

pp. 257-289

Explanation of a Paradoxical Psychological Proposition: That We Sometimes Act Not Only Without Motive or a Visible Cause, But Even Against Compelling Motives and Despite Fully Convincing Reasons (1759)

pp. 291-304

Dreaming: From Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind (1794)

pp. 305-317

On Catharsis: From Fundamentals of Aristotle's Lost Essay on the "Effect of Tragedy" (1857)

pp. 319-341

Preconscious Mental Activity: From An Introduction to Mental Philosophy, on the Inductive Method (1862)

pp. 343-348

The Secrecy of Art: From The Gay Science (1866)

pp. 349-363

Inquiries into Human Faculty: Psychometric Experiments (1879)

pp. 365-378

The Conscious and the Unconscious: From Outlines of Psychology (1881)

pp. 379-395

Book Reviews

Via Regia zum Unbewussten. Freud und die Traumforschung im 19. Jahrhundert [The Royal Road to the Unconscious: Freud and Nineteenth-Century Dream Research], and: Dreaming by the Book: Freud's "The Interpretation of Dreams" and the History of the Psychoanalytic Movement (review)

pp. 397-403

The Scientific Study of Dreams: Neural Networks, Cognitive Development, and Content Analysis (review)

pp. 404-410

Conversations at the Frontier of Dreaming (review)

pp. 411-418