restricted access   Volume 39, Number 3, 2004

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Editor's Foreword

pp. 3-8

The Political Economy of U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America: A Reappraisal

pp. 9-28

En-gendering the Police: Women's Police Stations and Feminism in Sao Paulo

pp. 29-55

Judicial Reform in Argentina in the 1990s: How Electoral Incentives Shape Institutional Change

pp. 56-80

Propaganda and Crony Capitalism: Partisan Bias in Mexican Television News

pp. 81-105

Meanings and Mobilizations: A Cultural Politics Approach to Social Movements and States

pp. 106-142

Research Reports and Notes

Assessing Latin American Neoliberalism: Introduction to a Debate

pp. 143-149

Successes and Failures of Neoliberalism

pp. 150-164

Neoliberalism in Latin America: Good, Bad, or Incomplete?

pp. 165-183

Review Essays

Participation, Violence, and Development in Four Andean Countries

pp. 185-204

Recent Research on the U.S.-Mexico Border

pp. 205-220

From Straits to Optimism: Education in the Americas

pp. 221-232

Latin America in an International Context: Questions of Language and Travel in Literary Criticism and History

pp. 233-242

Clusters and Commodity Chains: Firm Responses to Neoliberalism in Latin America

pp. 243-255

The Third Church in Latin America: Religion and Globalization in Contemporary Latin America

pp. 256-269

Who are the Peasants?

pp. 270-281

The Study of Latin American "Racial Formations": Different Approaches and Different Contexts

pp. 282-293

The State, Civil Society, and Revolutions: Building Political Legitimacy in Twentieth-Century Latin America

pp. 294-304

From Atitlan to Vancouver: Mayan Voices in New Works on Guatemala

pp. 305-311

Changing Faces of Populism in Latin America: Masks, Makeovers, and Enduring Features

pp. 312-326

Internationalizing Brazilian Literature

pp. 327-338


Index Volume 39 2004

pp. 339-342


Notes on the Contributors

pp. 343-347