restricted access   Volume 29, Number 3, Summer 2004

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From: The Canadian Journal of Sociology

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The Authors/Les auteurs

p. v

Re-writing the Social, Re-writing Sociology: Donzelot, Genealogy and Working-Class Bodies

pp. 333-357

Memories of Internment: Narrating Japanese Canadian Women's Life Stories

pp. 359-388

Max Weber on Nations and Nationalsim: Political Economy before Political Sociology

pp. 389-418

The Transformation of Private Tutoring: Education in a Franchise Form

pp. 419-438

Note on Society/Réflexion sur la société

What do We Know about Knowledge? An Essay on the Knowledge Society

pp. 439-449

Note on the Discipline/Réflexion sur la discipline

Qu'ont a dire les sociologues sur l'organisation des societes? Remarques sur la sociologie quebecoise contemporaine

pp. 451-458

Review Essay/Revue Critique

Disability, Disability Studies and Citizenship: Moving Up or Off the Sociological Agenda?

pp. 459-467

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Embracing Risk: The Changing Culture of Risk and Responsibility (review)

pp. 469-471

Natural-Born Cyborgs: Minds, Technologies, and the Future of Human Intelligence (review)

pp. 471-473

Altruistically Inclined?: The Behavioral Sciences, Evolutionary Theory, and the Origins of Reciprocity (review)

pp. 473-475

Console and Classify: The French Psychiatric Profession in the Nineteenth Century (review)

pp. 475-478

Historical Ontology (review)

pp. 478-479

Introducing Sociology: A Critical Perspective (review)

pp. 480-481

Politics in the Vernacular: Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Citizenship, and: Multinational Democracies (review)

pp. 482-483

The White Man's Gonna Getcha: The Colonial Challenge to the Crees in Quebec (review)

pp. 484-485

Edmund Leach: An Anthropological Life (review)

pp. 486-488

Comment on book review by Maurice Pinard - Volume 28(4): 581-4

pp. 488-491

Books Received

Books Received/Livres recus

pp. 493-497