restricted access   Volume 10, Number 4, 2004

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From: GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

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Queer at Last? Straight Intellectuals and the Desire for Transgression

pp. 543-564

"The Form of Our Desire": Arnaut Daniel and the Homoerotic Subject in Dante's Commedia

pp. 565-597

"A Legion of Ghosts": Vernon Lee (1856-1935) and the Art of Nostalgia

pp. 599-616

Book Review

Innocent Pleasures? Children and Sexual Politics

pp. 617-630

Books in Brief

White Men Are Hysterical

pp. 631-633

Queer as Jews?

pp. 634-636

Mind the Gap?

pp. 637-639

A Queer Capital under Construction

pp. 640-642

Those Were the Days?

pp. 642-645

Sex, Power, and Knowledge in Cinquecento Siena: Che Cazzo Vuoi?

pp. 646-648

Searching for Signs

pp. 648-651

Toad Times I

pp. 651-653

Toad Times II

pp. 654-656

The GLQ Archive

On Fandom and Smalltown Boys : A Dialogue

pp. 657-670

The GLQ Gallery

Radiant Spaces: An Introduction to Emily Roysdon's Photograph Series Untitled

pp. 671-679



pp. 681-683


About the Contributors

pp. 685-686


Index to Volume 10

pp. 687-691