restricted access   Volume 5, Number 3, September 2004

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From: Enterprise & Society

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Editor's Introduction

pp. 353-354

Symposium: Framing Business History

Chandler in a Larger Frame: Markets, Transaction Costs, and Organizational Form in History

pp. 355-375

Against Whig History

pp. 376-387

Neither Modularity nor Relational Contracting: Inter-Firm Collaboration in the New Economy

pp. 388-403


The End of Managerial Ideology: From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Indifference

pp. 404-450

The German Octopus: The British Metal Corporation and the Next War, 1914-1939

pp. 451-489

Corporate Governance and the Eclectic Paradigm: The Investment Motives of Philips in Taiwan in the 1960s

pp. 490-526


Historia Empresarial: Pasado, Presente y Retos de Futuro (review)

pp. 527-528

China Made: Consumer Culture and the Creation of the Nation (review)

pp. 529-530

India Working: Essays on Society and Economy (review)

pp. 531-532

Staatliche Technologiepolitik und branchenubergreifender Wissenstransfer: Uber die Ursachen der internationalen Innovationserfolge der deutschen Kunststoffindustrie im 20. Jahrhundert (review)

pp. 533-534

Interhandel: Die schweizerische Holding der IG Farben und ihre Metamorphosen -- eine Affare um Eigentum und Interessen (1910-1999) (review)

pp. 535-536

Manufacturing Revolution: The Intellectual Origins of Early American Industry (review)

pp. 537-539

Inventing the Cotton Gin: Machine and Myth in Antebellum America (review)

pp. 539-541

C. F. Martin and His Guitars, 1796-1873 (review)

pp. 541-543

Main Lines: Rebirth of the North American Railroads, 1970-2002 (review)

pp. 543-545

The New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad (review)

pp. 545-547

The Working Life (review)

pp. 548-549

Discriminating Risk: The U.S. Mortgage Lending Industry in the Twentieth Century (review)

pp. 550-551

Eating Smoke: Fire in Urban America, 1800-1950 (review)

pp. 551-554

Devastation and Renewal: An Environmental History of Pittsburgh and Its Region (review)

pp. 554-556

False Prophets: The Gurus Who Created Modern Management and Why Their Ideas Are Bad for Business Today (review)

pp. 556-558