restricted access   Volume 11, Number 2, Summer 2004

Table of Contents

From: Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State and Society

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Special Issue: New Contexts for Collective Action:

Guest Editor: Fiona Williams and Sasha Roseneil

Introduction to the Special Issue: New Contexts for Collective Action: The Politics of Parenting, Partnering, and Participation

pp. 147-153

Part I: Collective Interventions around Parenting and Partnering

Shifting Representations of Citizenship: Canadian Politics of "Women" and "Children"

pp. 154-180

Public Values of Parenting and Partnering: Voluntary Organizations and Welfare Politics in New Labour's Britain

pp. 181-216

Collective Organizing and Claim Making on Child Care in Norden: Blurring the Boundaries between the Inside and the Outside

pp. 217-246

Domesticating Masculinity and Masculinizing Domesticity in Contemporary U.S. Fatherhood Politics

pp. 247-266

Part II: Public Participation, Politics, and Policy in New Labour's Britain

Power, Participation, and Political Renewal: Theoretical Perspectives on Public Participation under New Labour in Britain

pp. 267-279

Some Everyday Experiences of Voluntarism: Social Capital, Pleasure, and the Contingency of Participation

pp. 280-296

Feminist Politics and Devolution: A Preliminary Analysis

pp. 297-311

Lesbian and Gay Politics and Participation in New Labour's Britain

pp. 312-327



pp. 328-331