restricted access   Volume 43, Number 1, June 2004

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From: Oceanic Linguistics

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Reconstructing the Geocentric System of Proto-Oceanic

pp. 1-31

NP Versus DP Reflexives: Evidence from Malagasy

pp. 32-48

Givenness as a Ranking Criterion in Centering Theory: Evidence from Yapese

pp. 49-72

Austronesian Nasal Substitution: A Survey

pp. 73-148

POc *ma- and the Adjectives: Oceanic as Seen through Possibly Productive Morphology in Tukang Besi

pp. 149-176

Reciprocals in Malagasy

pp. 177-207


The Mystery of Austronesian Final Consonant Loss

pp. 208-213

Bilabial Reflexes of Proto-Oceanic *q in Southern Vanuatu Languages

pp. 214-220

Typology and Linguistic Areas

pp. 221-239

East Nusantara: Genetic, Areal, and Typological Approaches

pp. 240-244

In Memoriam

In Memoriam, Eugenius Marius Uhlenbeck, 1913-2003

pp. 245-257

Book Reviews

Representing Space in Oceania: Culture in Language and Mind (review)

pp. 258-264

Serial Verbs in Oceanic: A Descriptive Typology (review)

pp. 264-269

Araki: A Disappearing Language of Vanuatu (review)

pp. 269-272

Jazyk Cam: Ustnyje Govora Vostocnogo Dialekta (review)

pp. 273-276