restricted access   Volume 126, Number 4, August 2004

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From: American Journal of Mathematics

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Tameness persists in weakly type-preserving strong limits

pp. 713-737

Birational geometry of terminal quartic 3-folds, I

pp. 739-761

Galois representations attached to [inline-graphic xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="01i" /]-curves and the generalized Fermat equation A4 + B2 = CP

pp. 763-787

Asai L-functions and Jacquet's conjecture

pp. 789-820

Analytic continuation of the resolvent of the Laplacian on SL(3)/ SO(3)

pp. 821-844

Special Lagrangian cones

pp. 845-871

Rigid analytic Picard theorems

pp. 873-889

The convex hull property of noncompact hypersurfaces with positive curvature

pp. 891-897

Entireness of the Spinor L-functions for certain generic cusp forms on GSp(2)

pp. 899-920

Interior gradient bounds for solutions to the minimal surface system

pp. 921-934

Unramified Brauer groups of finite simple groups of Lie type A

pp. 935-949