restricted access   Volume 76, Number 2, April 2004

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From: Human Biology

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Geographic Patterns of (Genetic, Morphologic, Linguistic) Variation: How Barriers Can Be Detected by Using Monmonier's Algorithm

pp. 173-190

Inbreeding Patterns in La Cabrera, Spain: Dispensations, Multiple Consanguinity Analysis, and Isonymy

pp. 191-210

Patterns of Ethnic, Linguistic, and Geographic Heterogeneity of Palmar Interdigital Ridge Counts in the Indian Subcontinent

pp. 211-228

Genetic History of the Population of Corsica (Western Mediterranean) as Inferred from Autosomal STR Analysis

pp. 229-251

Frequencies of Apolipoprotein A4 Gene Polymorphisms and Association with Serum Lipid Concentrations in Two Healthy Spanish Populations

pp. 253-266

Apolipoprotein E Polymorphism and Its Association with Serum Lipid Levels in Brazilian Children

pp. 267-275

Genetic Variation in a Compound Short Tandem Repeat/ Alu Haplotype System at the SB19.3 Locus: Properties and Interpretation

pp. 277-287

Maternal Cigarette Smoking, Metabolic Enzyme Polymorphism, and Developmental Events in the Early Stages of Extrauterine Life

pp. 289-297

Genetic Variants of the Paraoxonases ( PON1 and PON2 ) in the Chilean Population

pp. 299-305

Brief Communications

Apolipoprotein A1 Gene Polymorphisms at the - 75 bp and + 83/84 bp Polymorphic Sites in Healthy Omanis Compared with World Populations

pp. 307-312

Frequency of the 35delG Mutation in the GJB2 Gene in Samples of European, Asian, and African Brazilians

pp. 313-316

Book Reviews

Human Biology and History (review)

pp. 317-319

New Challenges to Health: The Threat of Virus Infection (review)

pp. 320-321