restricted access   Volume 103, Number 2/3, Spring/Summer 2004

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From: The South Atlantic Quarterly

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Special Issue: And Justice for All? The Claims of Human Rights

Guest Editor: Ian Balfour and Eduardo Cadava

The Claims of Human Rights: An Introduction

pp. 277-296

Who Is the Subject of the Rights of Man?

pp. 297-310

Is a Philosophy of Human Civic Rights Possible? New Reflections on Equaliberty

pp. 311-322

The Last of the Rogue States: The "Democracy to Come," Opening in Two Turns

pp. 323-341

The Right to Have Rights (Four-and-a-Half Remarks)

pp. 343-356

The Anti-Human: Man and Citizen before the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

pp. 357-374

Dead Right: Hegel and the Terror

pp. 375-395

From Philanthropy to Humanitarianism: Remarks and an Interview

pp. 397-417

Reflections on Culture and Cultural Rights

pp. 419-434

Mobilizing Shame

pp. 435-449

"The Most We Can Hope For. . . ": Human Rights and the Politics of Fatalism

pp. 451-463

Melville's Benito Cereno and the Politics of Humanitarian Intervention

pp. 465-488

The Testamentary Whimper

pp. 489-499

From Politics to Biopolitics. . . and Back

pp. 501-521

Righting Wrongs

pp. 523-581

Internet Resources

p. 582

Notes on Contributors

pp. 585-588