restricted access   Volume 4, Number 2, 2004

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From: Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism

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Globalizing Home: Editor's Introduction

pp. v-xi

Critical Essays

Domesticating NATO's War in Kosovo/a: (In)Visible Bodies and the Dilemma of Photojournalism

pp. 1-38

Racial House, Big House, Home: Contemporary Abolitionism in Toni Morrison's Paradise

pp. 40-67

"I Cannot Find Her": The Oriental Feminine, Racial Melancholia, and Kimiko Hahn's The Unbearable Heart

pp. 239-260


Post Partum Blues I and II Consanguinidad Virtual/Virtual Consanguinity

pp. 68-81

Special Section

Introduction: Conference-making

pp. 87-93

The Challenges of Feminist Citizenship: An Interview with Anannya Bhattacharjee

pp. 93-102

Effective Organizing in Terrible Times: The Strategic Value of Human Rights for Transnational Anti-Racist Feminisms

pp. 102-108

Legislative Tactics in a Movement Strategy: The Economic Human Rights-Pennsylvania Campaign

pp. 108-113

Redefining the Terms: Putting South African Women on Democracy's Agenda

pp. 113-119

Beyond the Politics of Inclusion: Violence Against Women of Color and Human Rights

pp. 120-124

Reflections of a Human Rights Educator

pp. 124-128

From the Center to the Margins: The Radicalization of Human Rights in the United States

pp. 129-133

Cosmopolitan Cartographies: Art in a Divided World

pp. 168-198


Watching A Friend Dance in Bill T. Jones' You Walk

p. 39

Bloodlines: Conversations with my Mother

pp. 80-86

Algun lugar en ruinas

pp. 195-204

on the wings of morning, holding back

pp. 236-238

The Telling of Tales, Anti-Manifesto

pp. 261-267

In the Trenches:

The "War on Terror," and Withdrawing American Charity: Some Consequences for Poor Muslim Women in Kolkata, India

pp. 137-167

From the Archives

"Artistic Expression was Flowing Everywhere": Alison Mills and Ntozake Shange, Black Bohemian Feminists in the 1970s

pp. 205-235


About the Contributors

pp. 268-271



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