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From: The Review of Higher Education

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Obtaining Integrity? Reviewing and Examining the Charter between Higher Education and Society

pp. 429-459

Research at the Crossroads: How Intellectual Initiatives across Disciplines Evolve

pp. 461-479

Policy as Symbol: Title II of the 1944 G.I. Bill

pp. 481-499

Special Focus on Students: Race, Class, and Choice

Understanding Differences in the Choice of College Attended: The Role of State Public Policies

pp. 501-525

The College-Choice Process for Asian Pacific Americans: Ethnicity and SocioEconomic Class in Context

pp. 527-551

When Does Race Matter in College Friendships? Exploring Men's Diverse and Homogeneous Friendship Groups

pp. 553-575

Book Reviews

Quality in Distance Education: Focus on On-Line Learning (review)

pp. 577-578

Second International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Administration (review)

pp. 578-579

The Work of the University (review)

pp. 579-580

Student Academic Services: An Integrated Approach (review)

pp. 580-582

Academic Ethics: Problems and Materials on Professional Conduct and Shared Governance (review)

pp. 582-583

Community-Based Research and Higher Education: Principles and Practices (review)

pp. 583-584

African Higher Education: An International Reference Handbook (review)

pp. 585-586

Pursuing Excellence in Higher Education: Eight Fundamental Challenges (review)

pp. 586-587

Comparative Education: Continuing Traditions, New Challenges, and New Paradigms (review)

pp. 587-589

Women in Higher Education: Empowering Change (review)

pp. 589-590

Governance in the Twenty-First-Century University: Approaches to Effective Leadership and Strategic Management (review)

pp. 590-591

Universities in the Market Place: The Commercialization of Higher Education (review)

pp. 591-593

Habits of Mind: Fostering Access and Excellence in Higher Education (review)

pp. 593-594


Index for The Review of Higher Education

pp. 595-598