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From: Essays in Medieval Studies

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pp. iii-viii

Absent Glosses: A Crisis of Vernacular Commentary in Late-Medieval England?

pp. 1-17

Defining a Textbook: Gloss versus Gloss in a Medieval Schoolbook

pp. 18-30

Against Aristotle: Cosmological Vision in Dante's Convivio

pp. 31-46

Compilation, Commentary, and Conversation in Christine de Pizan

pp. 47-55

The Historia Orientalis of Jacques de Vitry: Visual and Written Commentaries as Evidence of a Text's Audience, Reception, and Utilization

pp. 56-74

Gender as Conduct in the Courtesy Guides for Aristocratic Boys and Girls of Amanieu de Sescas

pp. 75-84

Piers Plowman as Biblical Commentary

pp. 85-94

Texts for a Poor Church: John Wyclif and the Decretals

pp. 94-107

Geoffroi de Charny's Book of Chivalry and Violence in The Man of Law's Tale and The Franklin's Tale

pp. 107-120

"The Doctrine of These Olde Wyse": Commentary on the Commentary Tradition in Chaucer's Dream Visions

pp. 125-133