restricted access   Volume 50, Number 4, 2001

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From: The Journal of General Education

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Introductory Notes

pp. viii-xi

Assessing the Reform of General Education

pp. 235-252

Abstract: Tensions and Models in General Education Planning

p. 253

Faculty and Students at the Center: Faculty Development for General Education Courses

pp. 254-269

Assessing the Effectiveness of Critical Thinking Instruction

pp. 270-286

Abstract: The Road to Teaching Thinking: A Rest Stop

p. 287

Integrative Thinking, Synthesis, and Creativity in Interdisciplinary Studies

pp. 288-311

Abstract: Critical Multiculturalism, Border Knowledge, and the Canon: Implications for General Education and the Academy

pp. 312-313

General Education and Distance Education: Two Channels in the New Mainstream

pp. 314-322

Abstract: Separating Wheat from Chaff: Helping First-Year Students Become Information Savvy

p. 323


pp. iv-vii