restricted access   Volume 121, Number 6, December 1999

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From: American Journal of Mathematics

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Brown-Comenetz duality and the Adams spectral sequence

pp. 1153-1177

Exceptional quotient singularities

pp. 1179-1189

Arcs and wedges on sandwiched surface singularities

pp. 1191-1213

Endoscopy for Mp(2n, [inline-graphic xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="01i" /])

pp. 1215-1243

The maximum order of finite groups of automorphisms of K3 surfaces

pp. 1245-1252

Minimizing currents in open manifolds and the n - 1 homology of nonnegatively Ricci curved manifolds

pp. 1253-1278

Strong and weak F-regularity are equivalent for graded rings

pp. 1279>-1290

Discrete analogues in harmonic analysis, I: ℓ2 estimates for singular radon transforms

pp. 1291-1336

Équations d'ondes quasilinéaires et estimations de Strichartz

pp. 1337-1377