restricted access   Volume 43, Number 1, Winter 2004

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From: Theory Into Practice

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Guest Editor: David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson

This Issue

pp. 3-5

A Conflict Resolution Model

pp. 6-13

Coping Competencies: What to Teach and When

pp. 14-22

Conflict Elaboration and Cognitive Outcomes

pp. 23-30

Conflict Resolution at Multiple Levels Across the Lifespan: The Work of the ICCCR

pp. 31-38

Monitoring and Mapping Student Victimization in Schools

pp. 39-49

Integrating Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Training Into the Curriculum

pp. 50-58

The Resolving Conflict Creatively Program: How We Know It Works

pp. 59-67

Implementing the "Teaching Students to be Peacemakers Program"

pp. 68-79

Cooperative Conflict Management as a Basis for Training Students in China

pp. 80-86

Additional Resources for Classroom Use

Additional Resources for Classroom Use

pp. 87-89

Book Reviews

Conflict Resolution Communication: Patterns Promoting Peaceful Schools (review)

p. 90

Creating Safe Schools for All Children (review)

p. 91

Kids Working It Out: Stories and Strategies for Making Peace in Our Schools (review)

pp. 91-92