restricted access   Volume 120, Number 5, October 1998

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From: American Journal of Mathematics

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Subadjunction of log canonical divisors, II

pp. 893-899

The Brauer group of a locally compact groupoid

pp. 901-954

Endpoint Strichartz estimates

pp. 955-980

A characterization of rational singularities in terms of injectivity of Frobenius maps

pp. 981-996

On the cone of curves of an abelian variety

pp. 997-1006

Counting generators of normal integral bases

pp. 1007-1018

Exponential error terms for growth functions on negatively curved surfaces

pp. 1019-1042

Hochschild cohomology for von Neumann algebras with Cartan subalgebras

pp. 1043-1057

On certain distinguished unitary representations supported on null cones

pp. 1059-1076

Fourier integral operators with cusp singularities

pp. 1077-1119