restricted access   Volume 24, Number 1, February 2002

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From: Human Rights Quarterly

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Book Notes

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Raising Human Rights Concerns in the World Trade Organization Actors, Processes and Possible Strategies

pp. 1-50

Can Humanitarian Work with Refugees be Humane?

pp. 51-85

African Disunity: Comparing Human Rights Law and Practice of North and South African States

pp. 86-125

Indigenous Peoples and Multicultural Citizenship: Bridging Collective and Individual Rights

pp. 126-151

Failed Democratic Transition in Cameroon: A Human Rights Explanation

pp. 152-176

Analyzing Child Labor as a Human Rights Issue: Its Causes, Aggravating Policies, and Alternative Proposals

pp. 177-204

The UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination: Race, and Economic and Social Human Rights

pp. 205-236

Does Cultural Diversity Affect Countries' Respect for Human Rights?

pp. 237-263

The Protection of Morals Under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

pp. 264-286

Book Reviews

A World Made New: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Origins, Drafting and Intent (review)

pp. 287-290

Tortured Confessions: Prisons and Public Recantations in Modern Iran (review)

pp. 290-297

Llamas, Weavings, and Organic Chocolate: Multicultural Grassroots Development in the Andes and Amazon of Bolivia (review)

pp. 297-302

Globalizing Concern for Women's Human Rights: The Failure of the American Model (review)

pp. 302-304

Democratic Governance and International Law (review)

pp. 304-312

In Our Own Best Interest: How Defending Human Rights Benefits Us All (review)

pp. 312-315


pp. 317-318