restricted access   Volume 23, Number 3, August 2001

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From: Human Rights Quarterly

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Book Note

p. 858


The Impact of the United Nations Human Rights Treaties on the Domestic Level

pp. 483-535

From Skepticism to Embrace: Human Rights and the American Anthropological Association from 1947-1999

pp. 536-559

Rubber Helmets: The Certain Pitfalls of Marshaling Security Council Resources to Combat AIDS in Africa

pp. 560-582

States Monitoring States: The United States, Australia, and China's Human Rights, 1990-2001

pp. 583-624

From Discretion to Scrutiny: Revisiting the Application of the Margin of Appreciation Doctrine in the Context of Article 15 of the European Convention on Human Rights

pp. 625-649

How are These Pictures Different? A Quantitative Comparison of the US State Department and Amnesty International Human Rights Reports, 1976-1995

pp. 650-677

The Road to Military Humanitarianism: How the Human Rights NGOs Shaped A New Humanitarian Agenda

pp. 678-700

Human Rights in the Arab World: A Regional Perspective

pp. 701-732

Testing the Effectiveness of International Norms: UN Humanitarian Assistance and Sexual Apartheid in Afghanistan

pp. 733-768

Reservations of Virtue? Lessons from Trinidad and Tobago's Reservation to the First Optional Protocol

pp. 769-826

Book Reviews

Voices from Exile: Violence and Survival in Modern Maya History (review)

pp. 827-832

The Female Circumcision Controversy: An Anthropological Perspective (review)

pp. 832-836

Female Genital Mutilation: A Guide to Laws and Policies Worldwide (review)

pp. 836-840

History and Memory in the Age of Enslavement: Becoming Merina in Highland Madagascar, 1770-1822 (review)

pp. 840-846

Health and Human Rights (review)

pp. 846-851

Responding to Emergencies & Fostering Development: The Dilemmas of Humanitarian Aid (review)

pp. 852-857


pp. 859-860