restricted access   Volume 22, Number 4, November 2000

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From: Human Rights Quarterly

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Limiting Indigenous Autonomy in Chiapas, Mexico: The State Government's Use of Human Rights

pp. 877-905

Human Rights and Islamic Identity in France and Uzbekistan: Mediation of the Local and Global

pp. 906-941

Strategic Choices in the International Campaign Against Child Labor

pp. 942-987

US Foreign Policy and Enlarging the Democratic Community

pp. 988-1010

Definitions and Justifications: Minority and Indigenous Rights in a Central/East European Context

pp. 1011-1050

Human Rights Advocacy and National Identity in West Germany

pp. 1051-1059

"Negative" Rights vs. "Positive" Entitlements: A Comparative Study of Judicical Interpretations of Rights in an Emerging Neo-Liberal Economic Order

pp. 1060-1098

Book Reviews

Conflict and the Environment (review)

pp. 1099-1103

International Law and Ethnic Conflict (review)

pp. 1103-1107

Thesaurus of Economic, Social & Cultural Rights: Terminology and Potential Violations (review)

pp. 1108-1110

People, Law, and Justice: A Casebook of Public-Interest Litigation, and: Supreme Court on Public Interest Litigation: Cases and Materials, The Debate over Original Intent,I - IV (review)

pp. 1110-1114


pp. 1115-1116