restricted access   Volume 120, Number 3, June 1998

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From: American Journal of Mathematics

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On the legacy of free divisors: discriminants and Morse-type singularities

pp. 453-492

Cohomological degrees and Hilbert functions of graded modules

pp. 493-504

Affine inequalities and radial mean bodies

pp. 505-528

The generation of semilinear singularities by a swallowtail caustic

pp. 529-550

Constructing curves with high rank via symmetry

pp. 551-566

The Effros-Maréchal topology in the space of von Neumann algebras

pp. 567-617

Localization in equivariant intersection theory and the Bott residue formula

pp. 619-636

Nonabelian duality on Stein spaces

pp. 637-648

Curvature of the L2-metric on the direct image of a family of Hermitian-Einstein vector bundles

pp. 649-661

Temps d'existence pour l'équation de Klein-Gordon semi-linéaire à données petites périodiques

pp. 663-689