restricted access   Volume 18, Number 2, May 1996

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From: Human Rights Quarterly

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Human Rights in Peace Negotiations

pp. 249-258

The Yugoslav Tribunal at a Crossroads: The Dayton Peace Agreement and Beyond

pp. 259-285

Human Rights as Cultural Practice: An Anthropological Critique

pp. 286-315

Cultural Relativism Revisited: Through a State Prism

pp. 316-344

Indigenous Peoples, The Environment, and Commercial Forestry in Developing Countries: The Case of Awas Tingni, Nicaragua

pp. 345-367

Human Rights and MNCs: Theory Versus Quantitative Analysis

pp. 368-397

Defining Questions: Situating Issues of Power in the Formulation of a Right to Health under International Law

pp. 398-438

Monitoring the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: The Challenge of Information Management

pp. 439-471

Reservations to the Convention on the Rights of the Child

pp. 472-491

Operation Condor and Human Rights: A Report from Paraguay's Archive of Terror

pp. 492-506

Book Reviews

To Catch a Tartar: A Dissident in Lee Kuan Yew's Prison

pp. 507-510


pp. 511-513