restricted access   Volume 34, Number 1, Spring 2002

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From: History of Political Economy

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Female Contributions to Economic Thought, 1900-1940

pp. 1-30

Money Supply Theory and the Great Depression: What Did the Fed Know?

pp. 31-53

The Rise of Adam Smith: Articles and Citations, 1970-1997

pp. 55-82

Pietro Verri's Political Economy: Commercial Society, Civil Society, and the Science of the Legislator

pp. 83-110

Analytical Foundations of Erik Lindahl's Monetary Analysis, 1924-1930

pp. 111-153

Knight and the Austrians on Capital, and the Problem of Socialism

pp. 155-176

Keynes and the "National Emission Caisse" of North Russia: 1918-1920

pp. 177-206

On the Origin of Samuelson's Multiplier-Accelerator Model

pp. 207-218

Reply: Complementary Innovations by Roy Harrod and Alvin Hansen

pp. 219-223

Mark Blaug on the "Sraffian Interpretation of the Surplus Approach"

pp. 225-236

Kurz and Salvadori on the Sraffian Interpretation of the Surplus Approach

pp. 237-240

Misunderstanding Classical Economics? A Reply to Blaug

pp. 241-254

A Note on Hayek and Anti-Semitism

pp. 255-260

Reply to Hamowy's Note on Hayek and Anti-Semitism

pp. 261-272

Primitive Economics: A Reply

pp. 273-281

Book Reviews

Economy and Nature in the Fourteenth Century: Money, Market Exchange, and the Emergence of Scientific Thought (review)

pp. 283-284

From Classical Economics to the Theory of the Firm: Essays in Honour of D.P. O'Brien (review)

pp. 284-286

Harmony and the Balance: An Intellectual History of Seventeenth-Century English Economic Thought (review)

pp. 286-288

Dilemmas in Economic Theory: Persisting Foundational Problems of Microeconomics (review)

pp. 289-290