restricted access   Volume 21, Number 3, Fall 2000

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From: The Henry James Review

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pp. 195-196

The Postal Unconscious

pp. 197-206

Henry James and Isabel Archer in Correspondence

pp. 207-221

Materiality, Reproduction, Lost Meaning, and Henry James's Letters

pp. 222-233

Stumbling on Henry James

pp. 234-241

"What ghosts will be left to walk": Mercantile Culture and the Language of Art

pp. 242-252

Material James and James's Material: Coburn's Frontispieces to the New York Edition

pp. 253-260

Solid, Liquid, or Gas? Race as a State of Matter

pp. 261-269

Possessive Matters in "The Ghostly Rental"

pp. 270-278

Leon Edel and the "Policing of the Henry James Letters

pp. 279-289

The Leon Edel Papers at McGill University

pp. 290-297

"We Are Family"?: The Immaterial Community of the James Family Discussion List

pp. 298-304