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From: The Henry James Review

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Fin-de-Si├Ęcle James

pp. 215-216


p. 299

Index to Volume 20

pp. 317-318


James, The Audience of the Nineties, and The Spoils of Poynton

pp. 217-226

Embarrassments: Figure in the Carpet

pp. 227-236

"Saying the Unsayable": James's Realism in the Late 1890s

pp. 237-243

Jamesian Inscrutability

pp. 244-254

The Resistance to Queory: John Addington Symonds and "The Real Right Thing"

pp. 255-264

Henry James and British Aestheticism

pp. 265-274

Henry James, Oscar Wilde, and " Fin-de-Siecle Talk": A Brief Reading

pp. 275-281

Henry James, the English Spirit of Robert Browning, and the American Century

pp. 282-290

A Bibliographical Note: Henry James's Markings in Boswell's Life of Johnson

pp. 291-298

Book Reviews

The Cambridge Companion to Henry James (review)

pp. 300-302

Letters, fictions, lives: Henry James and William Dean Howells (review)

pp. 302-305

Henry James's Last Romance: Making Sense of the Past and the American Scene (review)

pp. 305-307

Henry James and Homo-Erotic Desire (review)

pp. 307-310

Passions of the Voice: Hysteria, Narrative, and the Figure of the Speaking Woman, 1850-1915 (review)

pp. 310-313